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Baguio In My Pocket: Smart Citizen Portal App and Business Portal App

The Citizen Portal App (CPA) is an avenue that would allow registered community members to access a wide array of services provided by the government. These services include a 911 emergency system, an online marketplace, a market to home delivery system, a document folder wherein you can store a copy of your documents, an entertainment portal and an e-Government transaction portal that serves as a one stop shop for government transactions.

Unique QR Code will be generated and distributed among the registrants that may be used for security purposes, identification procedure, and during services distribution. Since the QR Codes generated are unique with each user, these can be used as an identifying tool to recognize each user in the system and greatly benefit activities such as registrations and receiving social services from the government as it eradicates manual registration processes.

The Know-Your-Citizen module, which is incorporated in the architecture of the totality of the system, will allow the Barangay and the City to know all its citizens, identify and analyse their needs in order to respond in a more analytical way.

  1. 911 Emergency This feature may be used by the citizens to immediately report incidents they have observed within the vicinity such as fires, car accidents, any acts of crime, and even when the user has not yet received any social service benefits from the government. This feature also enables the citizens to conduct self-assessment regarding the status of their health especially in connection with the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  2. E-Wallet This feature may serve as your online bank/wallet where virtual money may be loaded. The user may use this to their online transactions such as in the Online Marketplace or to their online government proceedings.
  3. Online Marketplace Through the help of this feature, citizens may order online all the goods that they need and let them be delivered at their doorsteps. This is to minimize the need to go out during this crucial time and put lives at risk.
  4. Market-to-Home Delivery This feature is more of like a courier type of application where the citizen may book for a rider to conduct a delivery from a certain place to the userā€™s doorstep. This will give convenience to the citizens of the city and will also offer more job opportunities among the people of the city.
  5. E-Government Transactions All of the government transactions, such as acquiring of Business permit, applying for clearances and etc., may be done online through the use of this feature, thus making the process more convenient and accurate.

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