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Baguio In My Pocket: The face of resiliency in traversing the new normal

The Baguio in my Pocket (BIMP) Project is a collection of system applications that aim to digitalize the daily processes of the residents, aid in the monitoring and governance of the city, and of course, to control the spread of the COVID-19 within the city as it reopens the majority of its industries. This project is a revolution initiated by the City Government of Baguio in order to promote no-contact transactions while the city traverses through the new normal.

The BIMP is composed of three different modules: Baguio City Authorized Registration Officer (BCARO) Application, Citizen Portal Application (CPA), and Business Portal Application (BPA). These application will have their own respective fields to serve, as to where they will be beneficial for the city.

The BCARO App is specially developed for the Authorized Registration Officers (ARO) of Baguio City, who were chosen by their respective Local Government Units (LGUs) to perform the Barangay Inhabitant Registration. This application will be used to register all the citizens of Baguio City through the help of the AROs, who are evenly distributed to all the barangays of Baguio City, in order to make sure that all inhabitants, including those who are less privileged to have an internet access or smartphones, are all registered.

The Citizen Portal App will be open to all the citizens of Baguio. It is specifically designed to make the daily processes of the residents much more convenient and has less face-to-face interaction. This application may help the citizens with the various types of transactions such as online shopping, government transactions, courier services, and more of the alike.

Lastly, the Business Portal App will be implemented among business entities and tourist spots to increase the security and monitoring capabilities of the city to the people that goes in and out of a specific establishment or spot. This will help in the process of contact tracing once there is an identified COVID-19-positive patient that may have interacted within the different establishments or spots.

Clearly, these applications are meant to make the lives, both the average citizens and those who are in the government, easier. If properly utilized, these may even start a new and progressive new normal.

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