ITBS Smart Country Ecosystem

The Smart City Ecosystem (SCE) Project is a collection of system applications that aim to digitalize the daily processes of the residents, aid in the monitoring and governance of the city, and of course, to control the spread of the COVID-19 as the country starts to reopen the majority of its industries. This project is a revolution initiated and developed by the ITBS Information Technology Business Solutions Corporation in order to promote no-contact transactions while the country traverses through the new normal. The SCE is composed of three different modules: Authorized Registration Officer (BCARO) Application, Citizen Portal Application (CPA), and Business Portal Application (BPA). These applications will have their own respective fields to serve, as to where they will be beneficial for the area of implementation. Clearly, these applications are meant to make the lives, both the average citizens and those who are in the government, easier. If properly utilized, these will be the platform for the birth of an advanced and progressive new normal.
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