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The New Normal: Coping mechanism of Baguio City with the aftermath of COVID-19
Baguio City is widely known for its tourism industry. Hundreds of thousands flock to the city throughout the year, most especially during summer season, to find comfort and relaxation with its enticing sceneries and cold weather. As a result, several livelihoods emerged in the city, both for average citizens and for businessmen. Hotels, Tourists Spots, Delicacy Stores, Farms, and many other livelihoods flourished in the City of Pines. Indeed, the city has its economy growing throughout the years in the tourism industry.

However, it is of no doubt that the year 2020 has been rough for everyone. The COVID-19 Pandemic hit the country and has put a halt on how we normally live our daily lives. Not only did it end more than a million lives, but it also shut down the growth of many countries for quite some time. The City of Baguio was not able to escape from this impact. The livelihoods, that were used to grow continuously, stopped temporarily in order to keep the citizens safe. It is of no question that the City of Pines has been greatly affected by this since one of their main sources of economic growth is its tourism industry.

Now that the country’s economy is slowly deteriorating due to the quarantine measures imposed by the government, the operations of different businesses and industries are forced to be back to normal, provided that they will comply with the safety protocols to avoid any further spread of the virus. With this, Baguio City also has to reopen its borders to revive its economy. Given the fact that tourism is its main industry, it will be twice as hard for the City of Pines to do this as it involves accommodating people. This is the very reason why the City of Baguio came up with the project Baguio in my Pocket – to keep its citizens safe while nurturing its economy. This system will promote good and smooth governance while keeping the residents safe and ensuring that the city’s economy will thrive through this challenging time.